Keepin’ It Real: Melasma

In the interest of being forthright about my trials & tribs, I’m about to show you a very unflattering photo* of me:


See those dark spots on my forehead and upper-lip? Yeah. That’s Melasma. It’s a hormonal skin condition that creates patches of hyper-pigmentation. It’s not lethal or anything but the way it looks has been really hard for me. As it is, I struggle with keeping my self-esteem up and now feel even more self-conscious. I went to a dermatologist this week for my yearly checkup and got some cream that may lighten the spots. I also replaced my over-the-counter Neutrogena sunscreen/moisturizer with some über-protection the derm recommended. Any sun exposure makes Melasma worse, which will put a serious damper on my pool time with Moxy. Fortunately, I just bought a big, floppy straw hat which I’m hoping will keep my face completely covered.

I know this is a very first-world problem and many people have much worse and more-serious issues to deal with but it’s been difficult for me nonetheless. My body is already changing like crazy since surgery and now my mug is too? Yikes!

This gives me the perfect opportunity to remember that my self-worth shouldn’t be tied to my physicality. I’ve fought that misconception my whole life (“My body isn’t perfect, therefore I am a loser!”) though, so it’s going to take a while to internalize the healthier ideal.

P.S. Google searches informed me that Brooke Burke has Melasma as well, which is just another item on the long list of things we have in common. 😉

*I took that pic right after I swam laps so I’ve got wet hair & goggle suction marks under my eyes but the light was just right for capturing my spots.


5 Responses to “Keepin’ It Real: Melasma”

  1. Kris Says:

    You is kind, you is smart, you is important. And you is beautiful. ❤

    I had it when I was pregnant with Mason; and some of it faded, but I still have some dark patches on my forehead & cheek. It definitely gets worse when I've been in the sun, even with sunscreen.

    I hate wearing makeup, but a quick swipe of mineral foundation & Smashbox halo hydrating powder do a decent job of toning it down.

  2. A-frame Says:

    Mymsie, my friend Laura also has melasma. She does what both you and Kris do — wearing hi-spf sunscreen, mineral makeup, and face protection from sun. She’s athletic and spends a lot of time outside, including swimming like you do. She keeps it at bay. So you are definitely on the right track. xoxo.

  3. shari Says:

    Hi! do you continue to share/blog about your melasma. I have times (like now) where it has gotton worse again and I just feel so depressed and obsessed over it. I know it is not as bad as I think but I still feel very bad and self-conscious about it. I was using a prescription that helped so it was minimal and I wasn’t focused on it or down about it. Now I used an old medication (long story) and with one application it brought it back worse :(. I am going to my dermatologist tomr but it felt good hearing about you.

  4. Imogen Says:

    I have suffered with Melasma for years. I’ve not met one derm dr that has helped in the way of healing my melasma, they certainly did try but after many failed prescribed harsh creams I decided to take it upon myself. I’ve been reading a ton of information that a fungus problem can be one of the many causes of Melasma. I have tried so many methods with the different causes and now going about the anti fungal approach. I have just started using a scar gel that has allycin (onion extract) in it. I first apply a little Castor oil to penetrate the skin then the scar gel and again a thin layer of castor oil. I also take a Grapefruit Seed Extract supplement and starting to see quite a few breaks in the patch of discoloured skin. I want to do a candida cleanse to. I don’t know if taking two GSE is helping as when I took one pill for 4 months I saw no change. Perhaps it is the combining of CO with the scar gel, which has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties in it. Melasma sucks 😦

  5. Imogen Says:

    Sorry I meant allicin, not allycin and has onion extract in the gel.

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