I don’t blog much about politics, although I’m guessing most readers have a pretty good idea where I fall on the spectrum. But yesterday I read something that is so incredible, I had to share it here because I think regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the election, it’s news to celebrate:

Thanks to a surge of both female and minority candidates, white men will no longer constitute the majority of the Democratic House caucus. –BBC

So inspiring!

And a bit o’ gratitude → When I was swimming laps this afternoon, I happened to be in the lane closest to a wall of windows. It was gloriously sunny out so sunshine was pouring into my lane, dappling the water and penetrating its depths. It was SO lovely that I wished I had an underwater camera to capture it. Then I got to thinking about how odd the lifeguards would think it was for me to take pictures in the lap pool. Then that thought led to another and before I knew it, I’d swum 50 laps! I have to tell you that my swimming time is so precious to me. I always feel so much more calm and centered afterward.


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