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Just What I Needed

February 7, 2012

I did something really dumb last night and am just sick about it. I was refilling my Spray ‘n Wash spray bottle from a refill bottle I bought at the grocery store. I was helping the earth by choosing less packaging! Shouldn’t that count for something? But I was doing it on top of my open laptop, which granted, was really dumb. So some glugged over and got onto my trackpad and those little left-click and right-click buttons, which I never use. I wiped up the mess as quickly as I could but now my computer won’t turn on or do anything. I cannot afford a new freaking laptop right now as I’m inundated with surgery & ER bills and my couch is on its last leg. WHINE. I’m hoping after a period of rest, it will work again. Otherwise I’m going to have to bug my poor friend George, who I often harass when I’m having computer problems.

Last week Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl so the city was abuzz with excitement. Downtown was completely transformed, including building a theme park called the NFL Experience. I never made it down there to check things out because I’m an old curmudgeon who doesn’t like crowds. I did, however, spend the week completely freaking out about all the celebrity sightings. Just knowing that Ryan Gosling went to a Subway near me nearly sent me over the edge! Since then I’ve been wondering 1) how much the Subway employees freaked out and 2) what he ordered. A salad or a full-on sub? I’m guessing he’s a Buffalo chicken kind of guy. Or maybe meatball marinara?

Hey Girl Indy



September 29, 2011

Felt rosette fall wreath
Felt rosette fall wreath I made, inspired by this

I took Abbs for a walk tonight and couldn’t get over how verdant the grass is. Our summer was so dry but it’s been raining constantly for weeks now. It’s nice to see a little green, even though it’s time for the leaves to turn. Another sign of fall is crazy bees. I battled 2 nutters today who did not understand that no means no. They’re like date rape bees! If I’m making sharp noises and waving my arms around, that doesn’t mean fly closer and invade my personal space. Nasty bees! I know they make honey & flowers pretty but they could do with a little sensitivity training from Mother Nature’s HR department.

A few weekends ago, B and I went to the symphony. B works with them so we got the perk of sitting in an area called The Terrace, which is an exclusive space right beside and above the orchestra. Killer seats, is what I’m saying:

View from The Terrace

I was fascinated with the up-close-and-personal view of all the instruments & players and thoughtfully studied each one. When I got to the French horns, I happened to catch one of the musicians emptying his spit valve…on the floor. This at once mesmerized and disgusted me and I was unable to focus on anything else for the remainder of the performance. I know some of what’s in there is condensation but there’s definitely some spit too. Can’t they at least use a cup? Or maybe a small hand towel on their lap? Something, anything other than casually dumping your DNA on the floor, which must be like some kind of CSI slip ‘n’ slide. I mentioned my concerns to B but he wasn’t compelled. Of course I am so, so grateful that I got to go and the performance was incredible but I can’t deny that I was preoccupied by the spit dumping spectacle. Should we form a task force to address the issue? It’s not just the French horns you know.

With that, it’s time for what I’m loving this Thursday. Have a good weekend and for God’s sake, carry a handkerchief! 😉

Delicious, talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was stellar in 50/50. (Listen to an interview with him & Will Reiser, who wrote 50/50, on a recent ep of Fresh Air.)

These festive papier-mâché jack o’lanterns:
Papier-Mâché Jack O'lanterns

This adorably curious chimp:

This pretty, romantic fishtail braid:
Fishtail Braid

This 70s-inspired necklace Bleubird Vintage designed for ModCloth:
Bleubird Vintage for ModCloth Necklace

This clever chalkboard talk bubble DIY:
Chalkboard Talk Bubble DIY

And finally, this UH-MAY-ZING vintage Singer sewing table:
Vintage Singer Sewing Table

Heat Advisory

July 20, 2011

Heat Advisory

Movin’ Along

June 21, 2011

I can’t believe it’s almost July! Summers always seem to fly by but June has been especially busy with the MOM (Month of Movement) challenge. We’re talking about making it a SOM: Summer of Movement and keeping up the momentum through July and August. It’s a bit daunting but the rewards are so worth it! Even though it can be difficult to fit in a work out every day, I feel great physically and mentally and have a new awareness of my body and how I spend my time. Each day we log our activity in a Facebook group. I love sharing my experiences and reading about everyone’s ups and downs. There have been several times when I’ve felt lazy but the thought of the group has encouraged me to push onward. Some of us are exercising every day and others have different schedules, depending on whatever commitment they want to make. You’re welcome to join us any time; we’d love to have you! Drop me an e-mail and I’ll add you to our group. mymsie [at] gmail [dot] com

Edited to add my MOM entry for today:

  • Day of the month: 21st
  • Laps I swam: 50
  • Seconds I flashed my boob to 2 lifeguards before realizing what was happening: 5
  • Knowledge that my suit top no longer provides proper support: PRICELESS

Several of you asked about Abby so I thought I’d give you an update. After The Great Urine Collecting Incident of 2011, the vet said all the tests came back negative. I’d kept her urine in the fridge for a day (at the vet’s suggestion) before I could bring it in and was afraid that tainted the results. I collected another sample and took it to the vet immediately. The test showed she did have an infection, poor bippy, so I got meds for her. She’s doing better now. The arthritis has definitely slowed her down but she still seems happy. We go for regular walks and she usually gets frisky and runs a little each time. We’re still locked in a tense battle over the bathroom floor. Because it’s cool, Abby sleeps in there during the day but the slippery tile makes it difficult for her to get up. I’ve put down mats and rugs to give her traction but she continues to snarf them out of the way, preferring to sleep on just the tile. My stubborn girl!

Over the weekend, Moxy and I had a lovely date with B. A client gave him a gift card to beef mecca, Ruth’s Chris Steak House. He also scored tickets to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 9th, so we all got dolled up and made a night of it. None of us are big red meat eaters but the restaurant had plenty of other options. I had the sea bass, which was very yummy, with its lucious buttery, garlic-y Panko-topping. The service bordered on obsequious but we all understood that some people might complain if there wasn’t enough fawning.

After dinner, we walked to the nearby symphony. It was raining and Moxy and I were wearing dress shoes, so we couldn’t walk very quickly. B was cruising along in front of us and at one point looked back and said “This way bitches!” We often speak to one another in ridiculous superlatives so Moxy and I didn’t bat an eyelash but a guy walking past heard B and looked at him like he was the king of Indianapolis. Hee! 🙂

The symphony was wonderful and lovely, especially when the chorus joined for the Ode to Joy. Moxy and I also had a ball people watching the whole night. At dinner, we were seated beside an older gentleman with an attractive, MUCH-younger woman, who we ultimately decided was an escort. We were close enough to them to eavesdrop and carefully observe their body language. (Stalker alert!) Then we got into a debate about the industry of paid companionship. B was more sympathetic than Moxy and I, giving his standard “Look at the origin of the behavior” speech. What do you think?

Maybe if I blogged more often, my posts wouldn’t be so long, huh? More soon!


April 5, 2010
  • After my last post, I was all chuffed about how I seemed to be in a good groove of posting more often and now here it is April 5th and I haven’t posted since. Me FTW!
  • Some people are surprised by my interest in the NCAA championship run but it’s pretty hard to grow up in North Carolina and not get the fever this time of year. I think all kids from the south are micro-chipped and coerced into fandom via satellite. Of course this year is especially exciting because Butler made it to the final dance. It was a tough call but a few years ago when IU played UNC in the Final Four I decided my IU alumnae status trumps my ties to North Carolina. For Butler, I’ve painted my nails blue and learned a cheer: B-U, T-L-E, R-you a bulldog? HELL YEAH!
  • In other local news, I only just figured out that Indy is called Naptown because of the “nap” in Indianapolis.
  • I love how I can buy kalamata olives and leave them in the fridge for weeks and weeks but when I finally open that deli container and have one, it still tastes SO good I’m instantly transported to that unassuming little restaurant right on the Adriatic in Opatija.
  • You know what annoys me? When people back into parking spots. I mean what is this, The Dukes of Hazzard? Do you really need to get out of your spot so quickly when you leave? And you know that the time it takes to back in is at least equal to the time it takes to back out, so you’re not thwarting Father Time or anything?

Soup Is Good Food

September 25, 2008

Why did Panera have to ruin a perfectly delightful soup with the addition of my personal nemesis: high fructose corn syrup? It’s just that some days, I don’t have time to make a healthy lunch. Produce needs to be sliced and diced people, and there always seems to be at least one day during the work week when it’s all I can do to get my ass into the office before noon, much less prepare a protein- and whole grain-packed lunch. Luckily there’s a Panera very close to my office. I recently discovered that I love their creamy tomato soup. To assuage my guilt for not eating quinoa muffins chased with wheat grass shots, I looked online to confirm the nutritive benefits of the soup. It didn’t take long for the evil HFCS in the ingredient list to burst my bubble. It’s scary how many of the things we eat, things we wouldn’t normally associate with sweetness, contain HFCS. Curses!

I listen to Morning Edition about three mornings a week, but the other days I have to listen to music or a more-innocuous radio show because the glut of bad news really gets to me. One day this week I tuned into Z99.5 and heard that one of the DJ’s Moms has cancer. She lives in WI but tons of concerned Indianapolis listeners came together for a Cancer Sucks party and raised thousands of dollars to help her with all the medical costs. Isn’t that wonderful?

I’ve been feeling extra crafty lately and now have too many different projects brewing. I long for the space to have an entire room dedicated to crafts and sewing. Something tells me now’s probably not a good time to buy a house though. I’m thinking a yurt is more my speed. Anybody willing to overlook a teepee in their back yard?

Rat’s Nest

August 7, 2008

I’m nearly half a day into my birthday and I just realized I forgot to brush my hair this morning. REACH FOR THE STARS! It’s just that I haven’t been sleeping well lately and so I woke up super late this morning. I threw my ‘fro into a pony tail with plans to brush it later but simply forgot. Looking sassy on my birthday? FAIL.

Last night, the girls and I scored free passes to see American Teen. It’s a docudrama about several seniors at Warsaw High School in Indiana. It goes beyond the ubiquitous stereotypes to reveal the complexities of teenager-dom à la The Breakfast Club. Four of the stars came last night for a Q & A after the film. We were all drooling over the lovable emo-dork Jake and the abnormaly-handsome Mitch. As I sat nervously fidgeting, I leaned over and whispered to Moxy, “When am I not going to get all giddy around really cute boys?” I was dying to pass Mitch a “Do you like me?” note in home room.

Watching the film really took me back to the drama of high school, although I was very fortunate to have had a great experience overall. Things at home were very, very stressful at the time but I had wonderful, amazing friends. It’s funny to think of the things that seemed so important at the time…like when Jamie decided not to play on the basketball team our senior year because she had secretly hated it her whole life. Or when, despite my grades and a mountain of activities, I wasn’t invited into National Honor Society because Mr. Magnuson was on the selection committee and he hated my guts. (Note to Mr. Magnuson: I was invited into Golden Key in college so SUCK IT!) Or when Kim made out with ‘miah and I was devastated because I had a TREMENDOUS crush on him. I realize of course all these names are meaningless to you but I bet you too remember what at the time seemed like epic events. I’d love to hear yours!

Jimmy is Jimmy No Matter What

July 25, 2008

WEEKEND – WEEKEND – WEEKEND! Do you have fun plans? I’m going dancing tonight at Ike & Jonesy’s with the girls. Apparently it’s quite the singles mecca and speaking of, did you hear about the syphilis outbreak in Indy? Moxy shared all the sordid details with me last night. It’s another proud moment for our city!

Awhile ago, Lean and I watched The Libertine. In it, Johnny Depp plays a 17th-century poet and sexual rebel whose untreated syphilis leaves him noseless. It was bleak stuff. My point? Wrap it up people! (Do you remember the Boogie Down Productions song Jimmy? (Listen here – it’s hip hop history!) It referred to condoms as “Jimmy hats.” At the time (1988), I thought KRS-One was rapping about actual hats. I was so adorably clueless!)

I found a new apartment complex I love but there aren’t any apartments available until October. My lease ends in December, so I’m just going to stay where I am until then. My current apartment is riddled with the negative energy of the last few years but I’ll save some money and have plenty of time to sort and pack.

A friend sent me a link to an article about students trying to give up technology for a week and pretty much failing. It’s got me thinking about whether I’d be up to the challenge. It would be rough but I could stay offline for a week. Relinquishing all technology is another matter entirely – not listening to music seems impossible. What on earth would I fill my time with if I couldn’t use a mobile phone, CD player, computer, TV, or DVD player? I guess I would read a lot, maybe get more exercise, and probably erase the benefits of that by nervously eating too much.

P.S. I’ve been getting Rock the Vote SPAM text messages on my phone. The hell??

Concert Wrap-Up

June 17, 2008

Ben loves Mymsie
Original image uploaded by broelliero

That pretty much sums up Saturday night’s Death Cab concert. The band was as awesome as ever and I fell in love with the venue – The Lawn at the White River State Park. It’s a rolling, grassy knoll overlooking a sound stage set against the river. The view is great no matter where you sit. You can cop a squat or use the free folding chairs. (Note: Those babies are so low to the ground they’re like sleds.) That’s one thing I love about Indy – sure, we’re the 13th largest city in the U.S. but we still have intimate concert venues and relatively easy parking.

At the concert, my feet were lookin’ stylish and feelin’ delightfully cushioned thanks to my new Crocs. (I ordered mine from Piperlime, which offers free shipping, even for returns.) I originally thought I’d get Mary Janes but ended up choosing Malindis and I LOVE ’em. They’re comfortable, sassy, and free of all that holey Croc armor.

Oh, and one more thing: Would all my spawning friends please make a concerted effort to have girls? Everyone is having (or has already had) boys and boy baby sewing projects are fun but OH MY GOD, have you seen the stuff for girls? It’s all so cute, I have to slam my hand in a drawer to temper the sweetness.

P.S. Enjoy some Yelle – it’s fun, bubbly French pop! (Give it a few seconds to buffer.)

It’s Time

June 12, 2008

Are you one of those sissies who’s all “It’s only June – I hate to turn on the air conditioner already?” If so, I don’t think we can be friends because I am so not that girl. Maybe it’s from growing up in the south, where we’re liberal in our use of air conditioning (and butter.) I don’t crank it for every passing hot flash but when it’s time, IT’S TIME.

I finally saw the Sex & the City movie last weekend. I’ve been excited for months and months, even though I sort of agree with the feminist perspective. Still I’m a big fan. For me the show wasn’t about shoes and cocktails, rather the girls’ friendships. One of my favorite examples is in this clip. Carrie agrees to participate in a fashion show but totally biffs it on the runway. I LOVE Miranda’s reaction once she’s picked herself up (excuse the subtitles):

The movie’s portrayal of the friendships was lovely and moving. I also liked that the characters were allowed to age. There’s even a sans-make up close-up of Carrie lookin’ pretty rough but I appreciated it because we can’t always be camera ready. Overall it was a fun flick but I hated the way the Carrie/Big sitch ended. It didn’t feel right to me. (I can’t believe Darren Star didn’t consult with me about the screenplay!)

Did I mention that I’m going to the Death Cab concert on Saturday? AZBad is comin’ into town to join in the fun. I can’t wait! Would it be inappropriate to ask one of the band’s security guards to get me a lock of Ben Gibbard‘s hair? An envelope he licked would be fine too.