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November 10, 2012

I’m getting ready to buy a new laptop and having used several different ones over the last few years, am trying to consolidate all my files. I’ve finally managed to get everything onto one machine, which is major progress. Now I need to go through the lot and purge and re-organize. Like, for example, do I REALLY need a high-res version of this before photo of my storage closet from 2006?


Ahem. Amongst all the silliness, I found a list of goals from January 2009. Happily, I met quite a lot of them! Here’s the rundown with updates:

  • Read a book a month
    • This seems like a reasonable goal but I fell short in a big way. There are sooo many great books I want to read – my wishlist is a shameful 29 pages! It’s not that I don’t have time; I just haven’t been making time. The last book I started was Tina Fey’s hysterical memoir, Bossypants. I definitely want to re-commit to this goal.
  • Get & keep alive 3 new plants
    • Done!
    • I’m guessing I planned on expounding on that deep thought at some point but never did. I’m proud to say that in the last few years, I’ve made major progress in the health department. I started consistently exercising again in the spring of 2010 and aside from temporary breaks after surgeries, haven’t stopped! (For me, that’s a major accomplishment because in the past, I would only exercise in fits and starts and give up after a few months.) I’m also doing all kinds of things to keep my issues in check, including journaling, writing down my food, & attending a support group weekly, all of which has helped my mental health tremendously as well. I can always improve on this front but am pleased with my growth.
  • Bubble bath once a week
    • Done, at least once a week and usually more often.
  • Manicure once a week
    • I feel compelled to clarify that I meant at-home DIY manis, because they make me feel fancy, but I definitely did not do them once a week. I think once a month is more reasonable. (Sidebar: I’ve never had a pedicure because I think my feet are ugly and they’re very ticklish and I’ve read too many fungus/infection horror stories. Maybe 2013 will be the year to overcome my neuroses and get a pedi?)
  • Learn to do something cool with new camera
    • I’m not exactly sure what I meant. I started Instagramming in April of 2012, which has encouraged me to take more pictures more often and to think more creatively about the ones I take. I would love to experiment more, especially with Instax and light paintings.
  • Buy: couch cushions, new vacuum, tires, bed
    • Aaaand consumerism rears its ugly head. I ended up not getting new couch cushions but this summer finally got a new couch, which I love! (More on that and other fascinating home-decor dets soon.) I also got a new vacuum but again, not until recently. The tires and bed I did get in 2009.
  • Start a vacation fund
    • Sadly, I did not meet this goal. It’s added to my list for 2013.
  • Learn to knit in-the-round
    • Nope but still dying to learn.
  • Try to be less judgmental of myself and others
    • ♥ this one and think of it often. So important!
  • Make shower curtain
    • Nope but that hasn’t stopped me from buying fabric for it. 😉
  • Don’t be afraid to write some query letters for writing projects
    • I didn’t do this until this summer. More on this soon, hopefully.
  • Score a freelance gig
    • At the moment, I can’t remember if I did any freelance gigs in 2009. There may’ve been one I ended up bailing on because I didn’t have enough time? I’m definitely seeking a freelance writing gig but am less concerned with taking on Web design projects. There’s other stuff that’s more important to me now.
  • Re-quit sugar
    • Done! This time it’s been almost a year.
  • Remember that baby steps matter
    • ♥ this one too and could do with reminding myself more often.
  • Embroider
    • I did some cross stitch but actual embroidery didn’t happen until 2011 and I still haven’t finished my 1st project.
  • Journal every other day
    • I don’t journal that often but much more often than I used to – I’d say at least once a week.
  • Recommit to recycling
    • (God, I’m such a dork.)
  • Walk Abbs
  • Church twice/month
    • A few years back, I started going to church more often but stopped and let this goal fall to the wayside. I went with my Dad a few weeks ago, which got me thinking about this issue again. I’m still mulling over where I want to take this goal.

I have to say, I’m surprised and pleased with my progress overall and so glad I found this list! A few years ago, I realized that after some painful setbacks, I stopped making goals for fear of not achieving them so I’m glad I got back on the horse and am inspired to keep at it in 2013!


2010 MymBOs

March 18, 2011

Most sensible people released their best-of 2010 lists at the end of 2010 or the very beginning of 2011. But as you’ve probably become accustomed, we don’t do things in a timely manner around here…and by “we,” I mean me and my staff of me. So without further, even more ridiculous adieu, I give you the 2010 MymBOs (Mymsie’s Best Of.)

2010 MymBOs


It Was Inevitable

November 18, 2010
  • How is it that we’re 18 days into NaBloPoMo and I’m just now resorting to the bullet format?
  • Good news: I found my cough syrup that has codeine in it. Somebody’s gonna sleep like a baby tonight!
  • As much as I hate saying this, it can no longer be denied that The Office has jumped the shark.
  • What are your plans for Thanksgiving? My Mom is coming into town and we’re hoping to relax and maybe do a bit of thrifting.
  • I want these boots, this couch, and this bench.
  • Tomorrow my former coworkers and I are indulging in our annual Stomach-Stretching Spectacular. We go to a local Italian restaurant with an over-the-top lunch buffet and eat enough to prepare our tummies for Thanksgiving. It’s the responsible thing to do.
  • This summer I saw a documentary about Bill Withers, after which I was obsessed with his incredible music. One of my faves is Ain’t No Sunshine:

On Point

August 5, 2010

I’m having trouble finding a blogging rhythm lately (#firstworldproblems). Thankfully I can always count on the tried and true bullet point format to help me out of a lurch.

  • Thanks for all the chair feedback. I ended up returning the red ones. While they would’ve been great in some other iteration of my life, they didn’t quite suit the current one. Now onto fixing up the white chairs, which starts with cleaning and sanding them. Anyone have any DIY advice for this project? Can I just use sandpaper or do I need some über-sander?
  • I’ve been reading this Manifesto of Encouragement every day when I first sit down at my desk. Keeping all that positivity in mind is a great way to start my day.
  • My Dad and I are two peas in a pod:
    • Me: I rammed the curb and took a big chunk out of my tire
    • Pa: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God u continue in my odd tradition
    • Me: I need to take my tire in to have it looked at. I hope it doesn’t burst
    • Pa: if it were going to burst it would have done so on the spot
    • Pa: trust me i know
    • Pa: my previous multitude of smashages
    • Me: it was such a mortification but it was at night and i thought it was time to turn but it was the sidewalk
    • Pa: it is a mortification….God knows i know that feeling
    • Pa: i don’t want to rejoice prematurely…….but i have only done it 1 or 2 times in months
    • Pa: this is a great miracle
    • Pa: for years i regularly burst tires
  • When I first went veg, I made a promise to myself to try one new recipe each week. I did well for awhile but then got busy and ended up in a food rut. In an effort to get back in gear, I tried a simple recipe this week: a cold salad of asparagus and edamame dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and a sprinkling of Parm. I never would’ve thought of that combination but it was delicious. Next up? Spanakopita, which I love but have never made from scratch.
  • Did I tell you about the blackberry patch Abby found on the edge of the woods by my apartment? Now there’s a bun who hangs out there regularly, making the scene so picturesque, I can’t help but hum My Favorite Things every time I see it.
  • Moxy’s birthday was yesterday and mine is Saturday so we’re celebrating tonight at The Melting Pot. None of us has been before, so we’re all excited about fondue fun. What’s the standard punishment for the first person who drops their bread in the cheese?
    • I knitted and sewed Moxy’s birthday present and will post pictures tomorrow.

Death & Taxes (Except No Death Really)

April 15, 2010

I finished my taxes a day early, which for a perfectionist procrastinator (God, I’m exhausting) is pretty good! They were a little more complicated this year since I had some freelance gigs but I managed to emerge unscathed and a couple hundred bucks in the black. Unfortunately those monies (my new favorite corporate-ism) will go toward stupid medical/dental bills because falling out of bed and skipping the dentist for a few years ain’t cheap! (For the record, I’m extremely grateful to have insurance so please don’t smite me God of Health Care or any related deities.)

And speaking of perfectionism and procrastination, I think I’m finally almost settled into my apartment, which I moved into more than a year ago. Last night I started the final phase, framing pictures and plotting where to hang them. There are a few things I need to have framed, which can be spency so I may be employing some creative hanging techniques in the meantime. Although it’s taken a ridiculous amount of time, I’ve never been more organized or free of the detritus of yore (except for my swimming ribbons and college notebooks DON’T JUDGE ME.)

I don’t know about you but I had a super fun weekend including lunch at the IMA Cafe, which I highly recommend for 1) a lovely outdoor dining experience and 2) their amazing cornbread. I also saw Date Night, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated (be sure to stay for the hilarious outtakes at the end) and wrapped things up with an uproarious dinner with the gang, heavy on the margaritas and talk of an upcoming camping trip. Tonight the revelry continues when the girls and I get together for our weekly debriefing. We usually watch Project Runway but frankly this season has been a real snoozer so last week we succumbed to our baser instincts and tuned in to Sober House. We’re mad at Dr. Drew for letting Tom Sizemore be on the same season as Heidi Fleiss. “How dare he put her recovery in jeopardy,” we clucked. Are your plans equally as scholarly?


April 5, 2010
  • After my last post, I was all chuffed about how I seemed to be in a good groove of posting more often and now here it is April 5th and I haven’t posted since. Me FTW!
  • Some people are surprised by my interest in the NCAA championship run but it’s pretty hard to grow up in North Carolina and not get the fever this time of year. I think all kids from the south are micro-chipped and coerced into fandom via satellite. Of course this year is especially exciting because Butler made it to the final dance. It was a tough call but a few years ago when IU played UNC in the Final Four I decided my IU alumnae status trumps my ties to North Carolina. For Butler, I’ve painted my nails blue and learned a cheer: B-U, T-L-E, R-you a bulldog? HELL YEAH!
  • In other local news, I only just figured out that Indy is called Naptown because of the “nap” in Indianapolis.
  • I love how I can buy kalamata olives and leave them in the fridge for weeks and weeks but when I finally open that deli container and have one, it still tastes SO good I’m instantly transported to that unassuming little restaurant right on the Adriatic in Opatija.
  • You know what annoys me? When people back into parking spots. I mean what is this, The Dukes of Hazzard? Do you really need to get out of your spot so quickly when you leave? And you know that the time it takes to back in is at least equal to the time it takes to back out, so you’re not thwarting Father Time or anything?

3 Important Things

March 10, 2010

  • You know how some people like the edges of brownies so much that they bake them in a special pan designed to create only brownies with edges? Yeah. I’m not one of those people. In fact, had I baked brownies last night AND I’M NOT SAYING I DID, I would’ve trimmed off any icky edges and instead savored only the moist, decadent, fudgy interior pieces.
  • Isn’t it satisfying when you actually use up all of a pen’s ink? It hardly ever happens to me because I lose them or get bored and switch to another one but this morning was auspicious indeed. I had the pleasure of being present for a noble Bic’s final scribbles. What a time to be alive!!
  • It’s fitting that the Academy Awards were last Sunday, given that I scored free passes to see a film tonight that’s destined to earn many accolades. That’s right, it’s Hot Tub Time Machine! I’m sure it will be nothing short of uproarious and ridiculous but come on, that one guy from The Office is in it and he’s pretty funny. John Cusack also somehow found his way into the cast. Frankly I’ve been a bit shocked at some of the movies he’s chosen to be in recently. 2012? Really?? I miss Say Anything…/High Fidelity Cusack. Perhaps this will be his reimmersion into the world of notable films. I shouldn’t get my hopes up though, considering it’s a movie about a hot tub that transports people to the past.

Let it Snow

February 9, 2010

Last Friday my work sent everyone home early because of a snowstorm. It was such a joyous occasion, I braved the slick roads and drove directly to a local fabric store. I was on the hunt for some yarn I needed to finish a project and not one to waste an opportunity, I also scoured the clearance section for any gems.

Today we’re in the grips of another potential blizzard and I’m hoping to be released again early. I was supposed to assist a CSS workshop tonight but it’s already been canceled, which is perfect since Lost is on. Have we talked about that yet? This is the final season and I’m chomping at the bit for some heart-stopping, jaw-dropping answers to all the crazy questions we’ve been inundated with over the years.

With that, I’m going to do it up bullet style since all the thoughts streaming out of my noggin are a bit tangential:

  • Did you know that Vanna White has her own brand of yarn? I never pegged her as a knitter but I guess in addition to those letter-turnin’ skillz, she likes to get her purl on.
  • I took Abbs to the vet recently because her ear seemed to be bothering her and she’d had an ear infection a few weeks’ prior. Turned out she had another one but treating it is like trying to drink pudding through a stir straw. During her puppy-hood, she let it be known that she does not like her ears (or paws) to be touched, which is quite a shame because they’re so damn adorable. As such, trying to put drops in her ears is a ridiculous spectacle during which she resists as though I were setting her on fire, only finally relenting at arm’s length by hanging her head to the ground and facing in whatever direction is most inconvenient. If I manage to get a few drops into her actual ear, she then shakes her head violently and huffs out of the room. Still I melt and rush to her side when she scratches her ear and lets out a pathetic, pained groan. Poor bippy’s got me wrapped around her little paw, which should not be touched under any circumstances!
  • A few weeks ago, I made spaghetti with artichoke hearts and tomatoes for the girls and it was a hit. I used half-and-half instead of cream but I think next time I’ll skip it all together because the dish was rich enough with the olive oil and cheese. In the future I’ll also substitute veggie stock for the chicken broth so it’s vegetarian. I didn’t have any chives on hand so I used basil instead, which gave it a yummy pesto-y tinge. Mmmmm!
  • In the late 90s, I got really into scrapbooking and was gifted with a laminator. I haven’t used it in at least 6 years and it’s big and bulky so the time has come for this mother to go to Goodwill. I’ve held onto it thinking I would use it but the rare instances in which it might be useful don’t make up for the pain-in-the-ass of storing it. What I’m saying here is, I need permission to let go of my laminator. Could you be a lamb and tell me it’s OK so I can move on? Theeenks!

Bursting with Flavor

January 22, 2010

Grapefruit image courtesy of Muffet / CC BY 2.0

I just ate a juicy pink grapefruit and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t delicious! While I regret the carbon emissions that facilitated such a luxury in the dead of an Indiana winter, I delighted in the fleeting moment I was transported to an island oasis, where a soft breeze feathered my hair and a buff Islander laughed at my TWSS jokes.

This morning while getting ready, I actually said out loud, “I’m too tired to put a bra on.”* It’s been a long week, culminating in the realization that I now have to wear my glasses to drive when it’s dark and rainy. Last night I nearly had 10 accidents on the way to an appointment, veering hither and yon into exits and onto curbs. Just before arousing too much suspicion, I remembered my glasses which seemed to help a little. Then I snapped, “I’m not driving in the dark in the rain ever again!” As I heard the words coming angrily out of my mouth, the inevitability of becoming just like my parents landed in my lap with a smug thud. Ahhh, adulthood!

In the interest in full disclosure, I need to address two rumors you may’ve read about in the press:

  1. I haven’t taken down my Christmas tree yet, and
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed, nay reveled in every single moment of Jersey Shore. I know it’s shameful and obnoxious but I was hooked before Pauly D. had a chance to finish his blow out. Each episode, I sat before my television completely transfixed, unable to parse the bombarding stimuli of a cultural phenomenon being born. Afterward the girls and I would debrief, discussing which moment was the most outlandish from each episode’s plethora of insanity. I even tried out the Jersey Shore nickname generator and would prefer it if you refer to me as The Tan-trum from now on. GTL 4evah!!

*Rest assured I ended up wearing a suitable foundation garment. As Truvy said, “I haven’t left the house without lycra on these thighs since I was 14.”

2009 MymBOs

January 11, 2010

Sorry this is late. (I should put that on my business cards, huh?)

The 2009 Mymbos

(Nothing can be properly commemorated without a tacky animated GIF, right?)

For the last month or so, I’ve read lots of best-of lists, some for 2009 and some for the decade. That got me thinking about what things from 2009 I’d give props to and an idea was born → the first annual MymBOs: Mymsie’s Best of 2009! Please note that no company has been foolish enough to pay me to plug their product. No, these are just a few things I encountered over the year that I liked and want to tell you about. Enjoy and feel free to share your faves in the comments.