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Fall Swapies

November 10, 2007

I just finished teaching a Photoshop workshop and thought I’d tell you about my recent crafty endeavors before I run some errands. Lately I’ve been working on projects for my Fall Swap partner. She loves the outdoors and goes hiking a lot so I used this tute to make her an insulated water bottle carrier:

Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

This project was fun and included some techniques I’d never tried before, like making French seams. Because of the insulation, the layers were a bit bulky, which made things harder for a novice like me. I especially had a difficult time sewing the bottom, which instead of being a neat circle, turned out to be a wonky parallelogram. I couldn’t find any twill tape I liked so I just used matching grosgrain ribbon and embellished it with a pretty, leafy stitch. I accidentally sewed the handle’s ends to the outside of the carrier but ended up liking the way it looked. All told it was a great project and I learned a lot.

I used this tute to make a cutie boxy pumpkin pouch:

Boxy Pumpkin Pouch

This project was fun and relatively simple. It would make a quick and easy stocking stuffer. I really love the shape of the pouch and it’s always good for me to practice sewing zippers in because it can be tricky.

I was quite pleased with how my outgoing swap package turned out and I LOVED the swap package I received. I got the best stuff – pretty fabric, ribbon, and buttons, neat stickers, an embroidered towel, a yummy-smelling candle, and a lovely little leaf dish. I may try to find a Christmas swap to sign up for. I mentioned a Secret Santa swap before but only a few of you were interested in participating. Any others who’d like to join? The more the merrier!

Ooo, I forgot to mention the pillows I made for Lean’s birthday:


Isn’t the fabric pretty? I found it on clearance for a steal and thought it would match perfectly with Leaner’s decor. I followed a great tute to make envelope-style pillow cases that fit snugly around pillow forms. They’re nice because anytime they get dirty, you can just slip ’em off and pop ’em in the washer.

I also made a fun exploding card dealie for Lean. It’s a sweet little box that looks like this when opened:

Exploding Box Thingie

Next I’m working on a top-secret birthday present, some holiday goodies, and an adorable purse. Stay tuned!



April 17, 2007

Michigan-based knitter extraordinaire Kat sent me the cutest Haremail:

Incoming Haremail

It included:

  • Baby chocolate Lindt buns, chocolate bun Peeps, and a bun-topped tube of Hershey’s Kisses
  • A precious green glass bun dish
  • A sweet, painted bun plate
  • Fun, springy cookie cutters
  • A weensy, felt bun ornament
  • Pink monogrammed stationary (my fave!) 
  • A cutie bun card

The whole package was so thoughtful and lovely. I’ll definitely be Haremailing again next year!

P.S. Apparently a few people who signed up for Haremail never received packages so some extra-generous participants are adopting abandoned Haremailers and sending them goodies. Isn’t that sweet?

P.P.S. All this cuteness makes me want to stab myself in the eye!

Mish Mash

April 10, 2007

I had planned to get caught up on blogging last night but ended up yakking on the horn most of the evening. Amy and I had a long, lovely, catch-up chat and then I talked with my Mom for awhile too. I didn’t get to bed until after 1 a.m. and I slept horribly. As a result, I woke up late this morning and had to scurry around to make it to work before noon.

Check out the Haremail package I sent to my partner. I had an absolute ball putting it together. You can click the picture for notes on each item:

Outgoing Haremail

Vittle non sequiturs:

  • Do blood oranges taste like regular oranges?
  • When I pull back the foil cover on my yogurt each morning, a bit of yogurt inevitably shoots out. Is the pressure from the culturing process?
  • I finally tried Almond Breeze last night and I’m hooked! It’s a non-dairy, milk-like bev made from almonds and it’s SO creamy and delish.

Interfering with Haremail is a Federal Offense

April 7, 2007

Oh man, I busted Abby BIG time Thursday night. I went out to see The Peaceful Warrior, which was highly recommended by a friend. Well OK, it wasn’t a friend. It was my therapist. Heh. Regardless, it was an uplifting film – a little cheesy, but overall very thought-provoking and inspiring (of the What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? and The Secret variety but a little more Lifetime-made-for-TV-movie-ish.) So I left my apartment to head to the theatre and realized I’d forgotten to bring my rent check to drop off at the main office of my apartment complex. I rushed back into my apartment to grab it and found Abby in the midst of a very naughty deed. All week I’ve been shopping for fun items to add to the Haremail package I’m sending, which of course includes some yummy chocolate. I’d foolishly left the bag of goodies on my office chair, easily within Abbs’ furry, scheming reach. By the time I walked into my apartment, she’d already eaten an entire bunny ears Kit Kat! Soon no doubt she would’ve torn into the Lindt chocolate bun too. The look on her face was priceless. She was SHOCKED I’d returned so early. When she knows she’s been naughty, she slinks over to the door, leans up against it, bows her head, and looks up innocently with big doe eyes. Nice try hound! Fortunately for her, I didn’t have time to drop her fluffy booty off at the sausage factory.

P.S. Why on earth would Abby be a chocolate stalker? She certainly didn’t get any lessons from me. No-sir-ee. Maybe her birth Mama was a candy-lovin’ pup. Yes, that’s definitely it.

Tons o’ Bun Fun

March 22, 2007

I’m a sure-fire sucker for snuggly buns. Their floppy ears, pink schnoozles, and whiskers askew never fail to melt my heart. Don’t even get me started on those sweet fuzzy paws and the tender innocence floating in the pools of their attentive eyes. When I’m feeling blue, I often check out some of my favorite bun pics on Flickr – it’s a guaranteed pick-me-up!

My brother and I had two buns growing up – Tarbaby and later Snuffles, both of whom I worshipped. When Tarbaby died, we buried him in the backyard and held a simple memorial service. I have a foggy memory of clutching my father’s warm, fleshy hand and tears spilling from my eyes as we bowed our heads near the mound of fresh soil.

During one of my many aimless wanderings about the Web, I stumbled upon Polka Dot Mittens and Operation Haremail – Help A Rabbit Explore Many An Interesting Location! It’s a fun swap in which you exchange bunny-related gifts and delicious chocolate buns with another blogger. Fun, right? I can’t wait to find out who my buddy is – he/she can expect a delectable package of unique goodies. Apparently last year, bloggers far and wide participated. Maybe I’ll swap with a heaving Greek satyr, ready to sweep me off my feet in a whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean. Or perhaps I’ll be pared with a bookish, Swedish farm girl who’s gluten intolerant and fond of sparkly nail polish. I may even end up trading buns (dirty) with a hunky parolee, fresh from Flint, Michigan’s renowned penitentiary facilities. Regardless – this swap promises loads of fun! If you’re interested in joining the merriment, hop on over to Polka Dot Mittens.

P.S. I don’t normally talk about this kind of thing on a first date but I feel we’ve established a rapport such that you’ll guard my delicate secret with the utmost care. If I’m having an especially bad day, I check out these pics of angora buns with their fur all teased and poofed. TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!