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Got Milk?

June 14, 2012

After bariatric surgery, you have to be extra careful you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals since you’re eating so much less and the way your body absorbs nutrients has completely changed. Trying to meet those needs has been especially difficult for me because I’m not a good pill taker – I gag and make a fuss. In addition to taking calcium pills, my doctor wants me to drink 3 cups of milk a day. I’ve never been a milk drinker but have found a combo I can tolerate (1% milk + sugar-free Hershey’s syrup.) To mix things up, I’ve been trying other non-dairy milks but haven’t found one I like. I’ve tried unsweetened almond milk & unsweetened coconut milk, both of which I like cooked in foods but not straight up. Next up, I’m going to give soy a whirl.

Moxy & I went to a free screening of Rock of Ages last night. It was cheesy in some parts but so well done. The music was an absolute blast. I was especially impressed with Tom Cruise. Who knew he could sing? He apparently turns 50 this summer and looks DAMN good for having been around for half a century.

And while we’re on the subject of celebs, can we take a moment to discuss Alec Baldwin’s fiance’s name? It’s Hilaria. How can he proceed with this union?? He’s funny. Really funny! And his wife-to-be is called Hilaria. COME ON! 😉

And here’s the latest from Instagram. Fun, striped Mary Janes I got at Urban Outfitters:
Mary Janes

A beautiful sunset I caught on a recent walk
Indiana Sunset

New-to-me – cute mini ‘nanas, which make the perfect snack:
Mini Bananas

A sweet, vintage crewel I thrifted for only $1.50:

Sweet Abbs likes to hang out by the tub while I take baths:


Lately, In Pictures

June 9, 2012

I’ve been having fun taking lots of pics lately, which I share on Instagram. Here are the highlights:

I did some late night sewing earlier this week. I’ll upload a pic of the finished product, which was cute but wonky.
Late-night sewing

Blowfish’s recent blog blitz definitely got my attention. That coupled with a 25%-off coupon got me to buy these sandals. They are very comfortable but waaaay higher than I’m accustomed to so I’m a bit precarious. I already turned my ankle once, proving that I’m not meant to wear high shoes.

At a recent appointment, the vet told me he recognizes some signs of senility in Abby. That hadn’t occurred to me but does explain some odd behavior. After bawling, I put on a smile and am just trying to make her remaining time happy.

Lovely hydrangeas I spotted while yard salin’ last weekend:

Flea market find I’m wishing I’d splurged on:

A beautiful fountain in an Indy neighborhood I love:

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh _in rear_
Sale in rear


April 10, 2012

You probably heard last week that Instagram is now available for Androids. I was elated because I’m a terrible photographer and the magic of Instagram makes my meh photos presentable. (People are already complaining about Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram. Hopefully FB won’t kill a good thing.) I thought I’d share a few snaps from my weekend.

Pretty, brand new cloth napkins I thrifted:
Pretty, brand new cloth napkins I thrifted

Abby snorflin’ for Easter Eggs:
Abby snorflin' for Easter Eggs

A dandelion outside 3 Sisters Cafe, where I had lunch with @ChiBaby73:
A dandelion outside 3 Sisters Cafe, where I had lunch with @ChiBaby73

A lemonade party after a day of thrifting:
A lemonade party after a day of thrifting

I’ve been on a roasted asparagus + sea salt kick lately – so fast & easy!
Roasted Asparagus with Sea Salt

Colorful, Easter-y nails:
Colorful, Easter-y nails

Oh and one other thing → I saw Jeff, Who Lives At Home over the weekend and cannot recommend it enough. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so moved by a movie. It was funny and sweet and surprising. LOVED IT!

P.S. If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m mymsie76. Feel free to leave your username in the comments and I’ll follow you.

And Sew It Continues

September 3, 2007

I finished another sewing project but this one really kicked my booty. I followed this tutorial to create a zippered wristlet. The problems arose when I had to use a zipper foot for the first time. I was hoping my sewing machine manual would help me understand how to use it but there wasn’t any documentation about it. I had to wing it and must have sewed, ripped, and re-sewed each seam 108 times. It was SO frustrating but I persevered:


Up close and personal, you’ll find a myriad of flaws including a poorly positioned strap but all in all, I’m pleased. The next time I work on a project with a zipper, I’ll have a better idea of what’s what.

I’ve gotten so much great fabric lately but it’s all so lovely and pristine, I hate to cut it. I think I’ve also mentioned that I’ve been trying to use cloth totes instead of plastic bags. In that same reuse vein, I’ve started hunting for vintage fabric in thrift stores. It all started when I was drooling over a thrifted find on Flickr, which apparently came from the DAV thrift store. I had no idea what that was but after I did some research, discovered it’s like Salvation Army or Goodwill but is associated with the Disabled American Veterans organization. I’m not sure if they only collect stuff from veterans but the stores are open to the public. Last week I went to one I found in Indy and scored big time:

DAV thrifted fabric

I got all that fabric for just a few bucks and I love the idea of re-purposing instead of only buying new fabric. Since I found those goodies, I went to a big Salvation Army in Indy and snapped up the cutest tulip fabric curtains. I’d planned to use the fabric for another project but the curtains are so cute, I may use them as is.

I tried to make a pencil clutch today that required the button foot on my sewing machine, but the directions in my sewing machine manual may as well have been in Chinese. CRAZEE! Until I figure out that mystery, I’ll be working on a tote bag. Stay tuned!

P.S. Do any of my Indy readers know where I could buy Amy Butler fabric in Indy? I know lots of places I can get it online but I’d love to see and buy in person.