Snooze City, Population: 1

I have been SO tired this week. Yesterday my self esteem went through the roof when I got busted nodding off at my desk. On the humiliation scale, that ranks pretty highly but thankfully an easy-going coworker discovered me, rather than my boss. Then this morning, I snoozed my alarm enough times to make me nearly late for class. I’d like to use the weekend to catch some Zzzzs but there’s so much that needs to be done. I have a feeling I’ll have to be highly caffeinated for the next 48 hours. The good news is that I teach again next week and then I have a break until 2009. I’m hoping to work on some writing projects in the interim but I’ll also be moving, making Christmas pressies, and if I have extra time, isolating the gene for shiny, soft hair.

A friend of mine happened to wear all black yesterday and mentioned Johnny Cash, which is funny because I’ve been wanting to listen to the Walk the Line soundtrack. I wore out my first copy of that soundtrack and was OBSESSED with Johnny Cash for a good 6 months after the movie came out. In honor of Reese’s and Joaq’s incredible performances, have a listen to one of my faves:

Oh – one more thing! Remember the mean lady who’s been coming to my workshops and saying mean things? The one I’m sure you’ve been dying to hear an update about? (Ha ha.) Well she took a Word class I taught last week and the stars aligned because it was awesome. People literally lined up at the end of class to thank us and compliment us. I wanted SO much to tell her to SUCK IT but I contained my excitement and simply grinned as she slunk out of the classroom, without so much as a peep.

I’m kitty-sitting tonight. Don’t be jealous of my high-profile, glamorous life.


2 Responses to “Snooze City, Population: 1”

  1. Kris Says:

    Oh, Myms. I thought you were kidding about nodding off at work. 😦 Thank you, jeebus, for not getting busted by your boss.

    Have you ever seen this video of Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson doing “Ring of Fire” live & acoustic? Every time I watch it, I want to take acoustic guitar lessons. One day, maybe.

    And you know what I don’t understand? Why does that witch keep taking classes, if she thinks you guys are doing such a bad job?

  2. Bumpster Says:

    You could catch up on sleep by not going into work so early. You should just start going in at 11:00 and leaving at 2:00. Oh and be sure to involve many rounds of Pooterati and Battleship into your work day. Ah…the good ol’ days!

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